Historischer Stadtrundgang
Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz


Catholic Church of Saint Boniface

Built: 1954/55

Architect: Toni Rommerscheidt

Steinmeyer organ, round arch windows by Glasmaler Alfons Abel from Nuremberg. Tower height: 35 meters

Around the turn of the century the population increased rapidly as a result of the rapid development of C. Conradty. Many Catholics from the Upper Palatinate, Oberfranken, Niederbayern and Bohemia came to the formerly almost Protestant Röthenbach with the guest workers. In 1902 Conradty built a prayer room on the edge of the workers' settlement. This god-house is no longer standing today. The First World War subsequently frustrated the plans for a new building. Even under the National Socialists the construction of a Gotteshoe was not possible. It lasted until 1955 until the church of St. Bonifaz was inaugurated.

St. Bonifaz im Bau, 1954