Historischer Stadtrundgang
Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz


Guesthouse "Zum Grünen Baum"

Built around 1526

Two storey saddle roof construction with a half-timbered gable, wooden shed built in 1890, from 1913 onwards with light theater. 1926 replaced by a firm hall building.

The "green tree" had been a Schenkstatt since 1526 and survived the 30-year war undamaged. In the 19th century, the restaurant was a well-frequented restaurant and the center of Röthenbach's summer pastries. Since the Gemeindeedikt 1818, which for the first time enabled Röthenbach a limited self-administration, the municipal administration was housed in the house of the respective mayor. During the office of Mayor Otzmann and Wittmann the administration was therefore in the "Green Tree" for many years.

„Zum Grünen Baum“, ca. 1950