Historischer Stadtrundgang
Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz


Luitpoldplatz / Obere Conradty-Siedlung

Built: 1900-1910

The green area was created in 1907 by the Beautification Association (founded 1899) and provided with a playground.

The rapid growth of the Röthenbach population was only possible by the economic upswing of the company Conradty. As there were hardly any possibilities for accommodation, Conrad Conradty decided in 1892 to build a factory building. These were left to the workers for a small rent. The Conradty settlement was divided into an upper and lower part. Various types of houses with different sizes were built during construction. The three-storey multi-family house with ornamental compartment is part of the ensemble of the larger upper settlement.

Typisches Beamtenwohnhaus, Grünthalstraße